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Global Partners with Local Experience

MACE Mining and Construction Equipment provide unique and genuine products that deliver on quality, safety and reliability.

We can achieve this with our team of industry specialists and distributors who work around the clock to source industry-leading products from leading international partners.

About, About, MACE GROUP NSW Pty Ltd.

Our exclusive partnership with companies such as Spitznas in Germany is what gives us our global edge. As the authorised Australian distributor for global partners, we can supply the best air and hydraulic tools on the market at competitive prices.

When it comes to underground and underwater uses in construction, marine, mining and manufacturing industries, our range of genuine products are fit for a multitude of uses. We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate a variety of industries around Australia, with no demand or request being too big for us to solve. We promise to not only deliver products that are quality assured but also provide the expertise to match.

Each member of our team is equipped with years of product knowledge and information to ensure you’re provided more than just a box and instructions. With repair agents in Queensland and Western Australia, we’ve also got you covered if you need any maintenance on any of our equipment.

MACE group

A Genuine Solution

MACE Group is Australia’s leading providers of 100% authentic German Spitznas equipment. Our ability to deliver on quality, safety is also our promise. We provide an informative customer experience no matter the situation you face.

Leading the way in mining & construction equipment

What we do

Through our international partnerships, we offer a range of exclusive and genuine equipment. We service the Australian heavy industry, offering quality service and equipment at competitive prices.

Core values

As a team, we are committed to building a strong relationship with our clients. To ensure this, our promise is to not only provide top quality products but information and ongoing service beyond your purchase. Our dedicated approach lends to safer work practices and more efficiency in the workplace.