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At the core of Spitznas is reliable, authentic and quality products. Since 1904, Spitznas have prided themselves on innovating solutions that test boundaries with an international flair.

Founder and inventor of the vane motor, Mr Ferdinand Spitznas, believed operations need to have a customer focus. This has remained at the foundation of the business philosophy for over 100 years. With a passion for creating the best products on the market, the craftsmanship shown in their products goes above and beyond the set standard.

Through the consistent review of their products, new product lines and continuous growth of quality standards, their company name has become a trademark in the industry. This was further seen when Spitznas was a main supplier within West European coal mining.      

Their dedication is evident with their long history of expertise that has seen them service the very best mining, construction, marine, and manufacturing industries around the world.

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Spitznas’ ATEX graded tools are crafted to meet every consumer demand. Built for extended use, their products are made to enrich the work of customers.

“In close co-operation with our contractors, we translate individual needs into optimal developments and solutions. Specially made tools to ensure efficient use.”

Through MACE, there is no delay in getting your hands on authentic German grade Spitznas products. Plus, our of experts are on hand to help you with all the technical and safety information you need to use each product effectively every day.

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